Tour Schedule & Cost

The upcoming weekend bus trip to Sadhu Sanga Retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Boone, North Carolina, will cost $280 all inclusive, before April 15, $350 thereafter. This is a non-commerical, non-profit cost-sharing trip organized by volunteers for ISKCON Youth Ministry. All expenses are divided among participants.

The bus will leave Alachua on Thursday evening, May 25, and return before 6:00 AM on Tuesday morning, May 30. Monday is Memorial Day, so you should only need to take Friday off from work or school.


For tour schedules and costs of other tours, please see their respective websites and Facebook pages. | Facebook: Kishori Yatra | Facebook:  The Boys Summer Trip

Mexico Bus Tour 2017 – To be determined. Tentative start and end dates are December 15, 2017, through Januay 7, 2018, corresponding with the University of Florida’s winter break schedule.


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