Tour Schedule & Cost

The Euro Bus Tour dates are July 5 through August 19, 2019. The tentative schedule is posted below.

At this time we want to hear from anyone who is interested in coming on the tour, even if you think that you may not be able to afford it. (Sometimes we can find sponsors to help pay for a portion of your tour fees.) We are still figuring out the costs, which will be somewhere between €1100 and €1500 not including airfare, depending on how many donations we receive to help subsidize the tour and make it more affordable.

Here’s a brief outline:

Travel with 40 devotee youth through Europe on an epic seven-week road trip to 10 countries, 5 Ratha-yatras, 2 kirtan festivals, 13 temples, Harinama Sankirtanas, sight-seeing, adventure activities, camping, beaches, hot springs, castles, Roman ruins, the Alps, fjords, Viking ships… from Scandinavia to the Iberian peninsula. Build lifelong friendships with Hare Krishna devotee peers and make memories together. Limited space. Ages 17-29. If you’re interested, fill out the online Google form here:

Tentative Schedule (subject to changes)


3-4 WED, THU Tour Preparation Days. (Some organizers may drive from Radhadesh to Copenhagen.)
5 FRI – Copenhagen, Denmark
6 SAT – Copenhagen, Denmark, Ratha-yatra
7 SUN – Malmö, Sweden, Ratha-yatra
8 MON – Gothenburg, Sweden, Harinama
9 TUE – Camping at Vaikuntha Lake, Sweden
10 WED – Oslo, Norway, Harinama
11 THU – Oslo, Norway, Ratha-yatra
12 FRI – Almviks Gård, Sweden
13 SAT – Stockholm, Sweden, Ratha-yatra
14 SUN – Aalborg, Denmark, Ratha-yatra
15 MON – Hamburg, Germany
16 TUE – Radhadesh, Belgium


17 WED – Radhadesh, Belgium
18 THU – New Mayapur, France
19 FRI – Travel day. Camp near Barcelona.
20 SAT – Barcelona, Spain, Ratha-yatra
21 SUN – 25 THU, Barcelona or Malaga as base camp from which we’ll take day trips to explore that region of Spain. Details to be determined.
26 FRI – New Vraja Mandala, Spain, Holy Name Kirtan festival and 40th Anniversary celebration.
27 SAT – NVM – Harinama in Madrid
28 SUN – NVM – Holy Name Kirtan Festival & 40th Anniversary
29 MON – Travel day – Camping north of Barcelona
30 TUE – Travel day – Camping on the French Riviera
31 WED – Travel day – evening at Villagio Hare Krishna, Bergamo, Italy

1 THU – Venice, Italy
2 FRI – Villa Vrindavana, Italy, Workshops, Service Day
3 SAT – Villa Vrindavana – Harinama & sight seeing in Florence
4 SUN – Villa Vrindavana – Service Day & Sunday Feast
5 MON – Villa Vrindavana – Petriolo hot springs & Volterra ancient town visit (Etruscan ruins from pre-Roman times)
6 TUE – Villa Vrindavana – Seminars, sight-seeing in Florence

7 WED – Travel day from Italy to Switzerland
8 THU – Switzerland – Japa Retreat, acclimatizing, easy hiking in the Alpine foothills near Gantrisch
9 FRI – Switzerland – Scenic Japa Hike at Schynige Platte in the high Alps
10 SAT – Switzerland – Scenic adventure to the  top of “First” mountain (via gondola), easy hike to Bachalpsee (lake), and riding mountain gocarts on the way down. Optional adventure activities: Paragliding or Ziplining (down the mountain).
11 SUN – Switzerland – Zurich Harinama and Sunday Feast
12 MON – Travel Day from Switzerland to France
13 TUE – New Mayapur, France – Service Day
14 WED – New Mayapur – Balaram Jayanti Kirtan Festival
15 THU – New Mayapur – Balaram Jayanti Kirtan Festival (actual day)
16 FRI – New Mayapur – sight-seeing visit to Chenonceaux castle
17 SAT – Paris, Harinama & sight-seeing
18 SUN – Paris sight-seeing & Sunday Feast
19 MON – Fly home / drive to Radhadesh

Interested? Please fill out this short online form to let us know:



Other upcoming ISKCON youth events, and youth-friendly events, around the world.

Europe 2019

Euro Bus Tour 2019 – July 5-August 19, 2019. See above.

Slovenia Padayatra, July (dates to be determined)

Scandinavian Festival Tour, July 5-15

Bhakti Sangam Festival, Almviks Gård, Sweden, July 22-28

Polish Festival Tour, Festiwal Indii, approximately June 20 – August 25 (exact dates to be determined.) Pol’and’Rock, formerly Woodstock festival, will be held July 31 – August 3. The devotees will set up the Krishna Village of Peace and start with kirtan and prasad distribution two days earlier, July 29.

Holy Name Festival & 40th Anniversary of New Vraja Mandala, Spain, August 26-28. Big kirtan festival. The Euro Bus Tour will be there.

Pandava Sena Retreat, “Path to Purpose,” at New Mayapur, France July 26 – August 4

Youth Summer Camp at New Mayapur, France, for youth ages 14 and up, August 8-14. Lord Balarama’s Appearance Day festival will be celebrated in New Mayapur (large Krishna Balarama deities) with two days of kirtana August 14-15. This year is also the 40th anniversary of the installation of Sri Sri Radha Govinda-Madhava, NM’s large Radha-Krishna deities.

North America 2019

TSI (The Sanga Initiative) Camp Ignite, ages 10-16, June (dates and location TBD)

TSI (The Sanga Initiative) Summer Retreat for young adults, July (dates and location TBD)

Festival of India tour for young men, all over North America, May-September.

The Boys’ Summer Trip, for boys ages 12-17, June-July (dates and itinerary to be determined) | Facebook:  The Boys Summer Trip

Kishori Yatra for girls ages 12-17, June-July (dates and itinerary to be determined) | Facebook: Kishori Yatra

Caribbean 2019

Dominican Republic tour, mid December 2019 through early January 2020. Instead of traveling to Mexico, our North American youth, along with other youth from around the world, will be flying to the Dominican Republic in December to help with two Ratha-yatra festivals, several Harinamas, and go on lots of adventures around this tropical Caribbean island.

South Africa 2019

Krishna Balaram Youth Retreat, late June (dates to be determined).

South America 2020

Radha Krishna Camp for Teens ages 12-16, Nova Gokula Dhama, Brazil, second week of January, 2020. Dates to be determined. Read the ISKCON News article about a previous year’s camp.

Australia 2019

Possible youth event in January 2020. (TBD)

Contact us for more information on any of the above.

North America 2020

25th Anniversary Bus Tour, June, July, August 2020. Two and a half months epic bus tour following the Ratha-yatra Festival of India across the USA and Canada, visiting dozens of temples and all the best scenic stops, national parks, and adventure activities along the way. 50 youth, two buses, the best of the best of 25 years of bus tours packed into one iconic road trip.


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