Tour Schedule & Cost

The Mexico Bus Tour dates are December 14, 2018 through January 5, 2019. The detailed schedule is posted below. Here’s a brief outline: Travel with the ISKCON Youth Ministry tour bus and 35 young adult Hare Krishna devotees on an amazing adventure around Mexico for two weeks, putting on Krishna culture festivals, going on Harinamas, visiting pyramids, ruins, jungle waterfalls, beaches.

Detailed Schedule:

Our mission trip schedule is as follows:

December 14 Depart Alachua, Florida
Dec 15 Houston, Texas
Dec 16 Monterrey, N.L., Mexico
Dec 17 Tampico, Tamps.
Dec 18 Papantla, Ver.
Dec 19 Tulancingo, Hgo.
Dec 20 Orizaba, Ver.
Dec 21 Pachuca, Hgo.
Dec 22 Mexico City CDMX
Dec 23 Colima, Col.
Dec 24 Colima, Col.
Dec 25 Colima, Col.
Dec 26 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.
Dec 27 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.
Dec 28 Guadalajara, Jal.
Dec 29 Monterrey, NL.
Dec 30 Border crossing at Reynosa
Dec 31 Dallas, TX
Jan 01 Dallas, TX
Jan 02 Houston, Texas
Jan 03 New Orleans, LA
Jan 04 High Springs, FL
Jan 05 Alachua, FL


Other upcoming ISKCON youth events, and youth-friendly events, around the world.

Europe 2019

Euro Bus Tour 2019 – June 5-August 5, 2019. Organized by volunteers at ISKCON Youth Ministry. Travel with us on the Scandinavian Festival Tour, camping at lakes and ocean beaches, putting on Ratha-yatra festivals and Harinamas in cites across Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Then, we’ll travel to Spain, via Radhadesh (Belgium) and New Mayapur (France), for two weeks of adventures around Spain. Includes Barcelona, Malaga and Lisbon Ratha-yatras, the Holy Name Festival at Nueva Vraja Mandala, and several days of Padayatra walking pilgrimage along the way of the saints, Camino de Santiago. Contact us for details.

Slovenia Padayatra, July (dates to be determined)
Scandinavian Festival Tour, July 6-16
Bhakti Sangam Festival, Sweden, July (dates to be determined)
Polish Festival Tour, Festiwal Indii, June-August (dates TBD)
Pandava Sena Summer Retreat (location and dates TBD)

North America 2019

TSI (The Sanga Initiative) Camp Ignite, ages 10-16, June (dates and location TBD)

TSI (The Sanga Initiative) Summer Retreat for young adults, July (dates and location TBD)

Festival of India tour for young men, all over North America, May-September.

The Boys’ Summer Trip, for boys ages 12-17, June-July (dates and itinerary to be determined) | Facebook:  The Boys Summer Trip

Kishori Yatra for girls ages 12-17, June-July (dates and itinerary to be determined) | Facebook: Kishori Yatra

South Africa 2019

Krishna Balaram Youth Retreat, late June (dates to be determined).

South America 2019

Radha Krishna Camp for Teens ages 12-16, Nova Gokula Dhama, Brazil, January 7-13, 2019. Read the ISKCON News article about last year’s camp.

Australia 2019

Possible youth event in January 2019. (TBD)

Contact us for more information on any of the above.


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