Life on Tour

Life on the festival tour is filled with activities to make us happy by engaging our body, mind and senses in the loving service of Krishna and His devotees.

We rise early and practice Bhakti-yoga, by way of a spiritual morning program that includes mantra meditation (japa), devotional songs (kirtana), reading sacred texts, and eating sanctified food together (prasadam).

After breakfast, we break up into teams and perform daily duties that last about an hour, such as cleaning up after meals, preparing the next meal, etc. At festivals we often help prepare the feast, perform sacred music, dance and dramas on stage, staff booths, set up and take down the tents.

At temples we’ll often volunteer to help clean the temple building and grounds (dhama seva).

Our motto is “Serve to Love – Love to Serve.” That’s the spirit of bhakti. We believe that by engaging in devotional service together we can become truly happy. It’s an active exchange of love. We deepen friendships, make new friends. We’re “making memories,” getting to know each other in ways we ordinarily wouldn’t.


There’s plenty of time for relaxing, too. Sometimes we’ll play group games like “capture the flag” or “chooo.” Play sports like volleyball, soccer, or ultimate frisbee. Stop at scenic places and go sightseeing, swimming at beaches, hiking up mountain (or jungle) trails.

We live on the bus. It becomes our home away from home. There are bunk beds, common areas, showers, toilets, sinks, kitchen facilities. It can get crowded, but somehow we manage. Usually we sleep on the bus bunk beds at night while the drivers transport us to the next destination.

We’re all volunteering. Every devotional service activity on the festival tour is voluntary. We believe that Krishna consciousness is a voluntary opportunity to revive our love for Krishna through devotional service. We get to love Krishna. We get to serve His devotees. It’s an act of love and should come from the heart. So if you’re too tired to serve, take a nap. If you’re not feeling well, we’ll find a replacement to cover your duties. We are here to serve you. Opportunities to engage in devotional service are the treasure of the festival tour.

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