The youth bus tours are organized by volunteers for ISKCON Youth Ministry to inspire young people in Krishna consciousness. We travel on adventures across the globe, immersing ourselves in the blissful life of Krishna kirtan and Bhakti-yoga, and sharing it with others through cultural presentations. Our goal is that of the sages of old, “sarva sukhino bhavantu,” may everyone become happy by connecting with the Source of happiness.



Manorama and Jaya Sri Radhe have been developing the idea of the youth bus tours since 1995, noting that youth love to travel, and that such road trips encourage young people to step out of their comfort zones, giving them an opportunity to do things they would never have thought possible, while building strong bonds of friendship and making memories.

Here’s what some past bus tour participants have to say.

“I went on six bus tours, and they were the best summers ever.” Chintamoni, California

“The tour was AMAZING…what more could you ask for then doing kirtan on beautiful beaches with other sweet devotee youth, eating incredibly delicious prasadam, going sightseeing, and the best part spreading Krsna’s Holy name and having SO much fun simultaneously :-)” Kalindi, Chicago

“It was the most amazing experience of my life. It was not easy, but the best things never are.” :-) Cristie, Chicago

“I was fortunate to be able to go on the tour. I truly feel this project is one of the most important projects ISKCON has to offer. It’s totally ecstatic and significant in it’s preaching value, and gives our youth (and those not so young) opportunities not to found elsewhere.” Purusartha, Florida

“I loved it so much! I hope to be able to go again sometime.” Krsna Chandra, Toronto

“You bring people together. We are one big family and we get the opportunity to associate this way. So thank you! Having not been raised around devotees it was really nice to connect with others my age who had grown up in similar situations. There was no explaining, watering down by beliefs, asking if the food was vegetarian. It was a simply refreshing experience on that level and I swear the people I met I already knew from another lifetime and we got to finally see each other again.” Radha-Prema, Montreal

“I was on the bus tour for the first half of the summer and I have to say that my only concern was…why hadn’t I gone before?! It was such an amazing and special experience getting to bond with other devotees that I thought I already knew. I made so many close friends and we all got a chance to inspire each other. Being a part of the stage performance was one thing that I absolutely loved. Getting to spread Krsna to so many people who otherwise would have had no clue is such a wonderful privilege that [the organizers] gave me that summer. I was overwhelmed by the response that we got everywhere that we went. We brought a constant party with us and I loved getting to do kirtan any time of the day or night with all the people that I love.” – Acyuta Gopi, New York

“Best time of my life :)” Braja, North Carolina


Mexico Tour, kirtan program on the beach


Spanish news paper clipping, Mexico 2012

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