About Euro Bus Tour 2014

The European Bus Tour aka Euro Bus Tour is an ISKCON Youth Ministry initiative.Its goals are to facilitate the spiritual growth and experiences of ISKCON youth and budding devotees by giving them good association and fun. The tour goes to various countries (this year Mediterranean countries) and visits temples, does kirtan, harinam, goes to spiritual retreats, does adventure activities, service, and much more!

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This year’s tour organizers and mentors:


Visvambar Caitanya & Kumari Kunti (London/ Radhadesh, Belgium)


Shari Mcnamara (Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK)


Sandipani Hume (Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK)


Sita Thakurani Bell (Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK)

Euro Bus Tour Route 2014 

July 10th Arrivals at Florence or Pisa International Airports Arrivals (2x pick up shifts with Bus) –Possible short visit to Pisa’s leaning tower while awaiting arrivals or drive-by and stop on way*

July 10 – 14 Villa Vrndavana Florence, Italy 11th Tour of Villa Vrndavana ISKCON Florence temple, Harinam and sightseeing in Florence, icebreakers/games 12-13th Sravanam Kirtanam Festival 14th Leave for Milan, Italy

July 14 Villaggio Hare Krsna Milan, Italy 14th Arrival at ISKCON Bergamo temple/Ksatriya Dharma course in evening 15th Leave early to Switzerland.

July 15th  – 17th Monte Generoso, Switzerland 15th  Set-up at campsite. Hiking and swimming at Swiss lake activities/Evening Krishna Quiz game and activities. 17th Leave early morning back to Villagio Hare Krsna, Bergamo

July 18th -22st Villagio Hare Krsna, Bergamo, Italy 17th Ksatriya Dharma seminar in evening 18th – 20th Harinam Milan and Bergamo, sightseeing/cultural program/seminars. 22st Leave early morning to Venice, Italy

July 22nd – 25th Prabhupadadesh Venice, Italy 22nd Arrive at Venice ISKCON temple, evening program 23rd Harinam, sightseeing in Venice and/or workshops* 24th Harinam, sightseeing in Venice and/or workshops* 25th Leave early morning to Vienna, Austria

July 25th – 26th Vienna, Austria 25th Arrive at campsite/devotee homes in Vienna 26th Meet up with Vienna Kulis organized by Damodar, leave to Czech Republic evening

July 26th- 30 Padayatra in Czech Republic 26th Arrival and set-up on site 27th All day Padayatra 28th All day Padayatra and cultural program 29th All day Padayatra 30th Leave early morning back to Austria

July 30th –Aug 2nd Krishna Valley farm, Hungary 30th Arrivals at guesthouse 31st-1st Aug Tour of temple and service activities/cultural prorgam Aug 2nd Leave early morning to Pula, Croatia

August 1st – 6th Pula, Croatia Harinam Tour Aug 1st Arrivals and camp set-up Aug 2nd Morning at the beach, seminar and evening Harinam Tour join Aug 3rd – 5th Harinam Tour join Aug 6th Leave early morning to Ljubljana, Slovenia

August 6th – 8th ISKCON Summer Camp, Slovenia Aug 6th Arrival and evening kritan program Aug 7th Harinam and sightseeing in Zagreb, Croatia* Aug 8th Leave back to Florence, Italy

August 8th – August 10th Villa Vrndavana Temple Florence, Italy Aug 8th Arrive late in evening. 9th Bus Tour End activities /cultural program  Aug 10th Lord Balarama’s Appearance Day Festivities/End dinner at restaurant at temple

August 11th Departures at Florence or Pisa International Airports Departures (1 drop-off with bus)

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