Euro Bus Tour Summer 2014 In Review

The after tour blues are setting in, the 2014 Euro Bus Tour has flown by and now, now what…?!

All of our bags are half un-packed; sleeping bags still smelling of Croatian sea salt air, and most likely towels and swimsuits still sitting in a wet-bag somewhere in the room. Our memories are still vivid and fresh, the sweetness of early morning rising still lingering on our minds, but everyone is now in their respective countries and we are again all alone! Or are we…? Please take your photographs and keepsakes and place them on the wall, but always remember that there is someone always with you all the time – Krishna!!




Applications for Summer 2015 Euro Bus Tour will open in December. Please keep updated by liking us on Facebook: Euro Bus Tour. Please email for any inquires.



Euro Bus Tour – Mediterranean – 2014

What: ISKCON Youth Ministry European Bus Tour 2014

Eligibility: Aged 17 – 30, good-standing ISKCON youth or bhaktas

When: July 10th Arrivals – Aug 10th Departures

Where: Book return flights to Pisa OR Florence, Italy International Airports

Donation: 800 Euros for 32-day, 8 country, harinam sankirtan tour

Sign-up: Download registration and liability documents, read, sign and scan to:

The European Bus Tour aka Euro Bus Tour is an ISKCON Youth Ministry initiative. Its goals are to facilitate the spiritual growth and experiences of ISKCON youth and budding devotees by giving them good association and fun. The tour goes to various countries (this year Mediterranean countries) and visits temples, does kirtan, harinam, goes to spiritual retreats, does adventure activities, service, and much more.


Support for the ISKCON Youth Ministry Euro Bus Tour Project

Hrdaya Caitanaya Das GBC Europe Member/Parent of Bus Tour Participants


The future of our movement depends on our youth. It is very important that our youth together feel as a family, and interact with ISKCON activities and therefore are inclined to take up responsibility in that way. It is a natural progression: first the youth must become a group of friends, then through interacting with the temple they get a taste for devotional service. In this way the youth are naturally inclined to take up more service in ISKCON.

Due to many reasons as a society we have forgotten over the years to pay sufficient attention of taking care of our own youth. Unfortunately we sometimes look more to making new devotees then keeping our own devotees and our own family members, devotees.

My humble request is that ISKCON Europe temples kindly accommodate our ISKCON youth in their facilities and make the best possible arrangements with them; otherwise it becomes impossible to organize the bus tour on a regular basis.

Manorama Dasa ISKCON Youth Minister


How many young people are coming to our temples these days, voluntarily, because they think our temples are cool, awesome, the place to be to practice spiritual life? Wouldn’t it be nice to have more young people interested in service at your temple?

Guess what, on a date approaching soon this summer, we hope to bring 30 ISKCON youth from around Europe to visit your temple, whom we’re trying to convince to become more serious about Krishna consciousness. This is a Euro GBC and ISKCON Youth Ministry combined effort to revive (or strengthen) an interest in Krishna consciousness among these young people who are our future hope, part of our ISKCON succession plan. We’ll need your help to inspire them.



For more updated announcements on the tour see FB

Contact person: Kumari Kunti


Upcoming Bus Tours for 2014

4 Bus Tours this year:

Kishori Yatra tour for Girls ages 11-15, June 6-29

They’ll be traveling on the silver bus to Panihati in Atlanta, then on to New Vrindaban, Philadelphia, New York Ratha-yatra, Boston, camping in New Hampshire, Washington D.C., camping in South Carolina… fun, fun, fun in good association with devotee peers, and of course lots of kirtan, festivals, temples… Only three spots left. Sign up soon:

The Boys Summer Trip for ages 12 and up. July 1 – August 3

With only a couple of days between tours, the silver bus will drop off the Kishori Yatris and pick up the legendary Boys Summer Trip and take them on a whirlwind adventure across North America this summer. Washington DC Ratha-yatra, Montreal Ratha-yatra, camping with Bhaktimarga Swami on the Bruce Peninsula, Lake Superior, Toronto Ratha-yatra, Serpent River, Thunder Bay Festival of India, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary Ratha-yatra, camping, hiking and hot springs in Banff and Jasper National Parks in the Rocky Mountains, Edmonton Ratha-yatra, Yellowstone National Park (geysers, hot springs), Denver temple, whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River in Royal Gorge, Colorado; Dallas temple, New Talavan, and back to Alachua. His Holiness Bhaktimarga Swami will be traveling with the boys, along with Kishore Rico (of the Mayapuris), Dattatreya Knighten, Ananta Sacasa and Naveen Allin. See their website for details:

Euro Bus Tour, the Sequel: Mediterranea

That’s right. There will be a sequel to last year’s epic first-ever Euro Bus Tour for youth ages 18 and up, this time focusing on the Mediterranean countries, possibly, perhaps, maybe including Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland… and could include Belgium (if we rent a bus from the same company as last year). Tour dates would be starting in the month of July, maybe extending into the first week of August. The organizers are currently busy working out the details so they can announce them to you in the next few weeks. The organizers are applying for grants to try to subsidize the tour as well. We’ll see what happens. Start saving now and do email us at if you’re interested so we can keep you informed with dates and schedule as soon as we know.

Mexico 2014

The one and only. All we can say is you ain’t seen nothin’ until you’ve seen the festivals the bus tour youth put on at the university in Tampico, and in Monterrey, Veracruz, Palenque Mayan ruins, Merida, Cancun, Tulum, white sand and turquoise water Caribbean beaches, San Cristobal, Tuxtla, Shambala, Villahermosa, Tulancingo, Mexico City, Teotihuacan, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Colima… the jungles of Agua Azul… and having the association of Guru Prasad Swami and other senior devotees. Take a look at the photos from last year’s tour here. Dates will be approximately December 12, 2014 – January 4, 2015. Cost approx. $900. Email to let us know you’re interested.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Have you ever wanted to travel with devotees on a spiritual adventure tour all over Mexico? See ISKCON temples, preaching centers, devotee homes, a dozen Krishna Culture Festivals, Caribbean and Pacific beaches, Mayan pyramids and ruins, cascading waterfalls in the rainforest jungle, Harinamas and book distribution in towns and villages… spend your winter holidays in paradise with 30 other devotees, traveling in good company. Good prasadam. Good kirtans. Good association.

Take a look at our new updated schedule and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!


Sign up for the Mexico Bus Tour

We’re now accepting applications for the Mexico Bus Tour, traveling all over Mexico for the winter holidays, from December 14 through January 5 (University of Florida winter break dates). Three and a half weeks. We’ll be helping to put on 14 Krishna Culture Festivals in town squares, university auditoriums and at yoga studios. We’ll go on adventures to Mayan pyramids and ruins, cascading waterfalls in the deep jungles of Chiapas, visit markets and villages in rural areas off-the-beaten-path–you’ll get to see the real Mexico. We’ll be spending several days on the beaches of the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. See the photo galleries. $650 per person before November 25. $850 per person thereafter. (That’s a $200 early-bird signup discount!) Sign up now. Apply today. Space is limited. First come, first served. Contact us if you’re interested.

Mexico Bus Tour – Cancún

Here’s a video of our stage program in Cancún, Mexico.